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Blogging is an essential online marketing tool when it comes to increasing visibility, improving your search rankings and driving traffic to your website. It’s an ideal way to keep your site’s content relevant and fresh through the regular addition of high quality content. Blogs can be tailored to be extra SEO-friendly and easily shareable on social media. By blogging about topics your audience can connect with and sharing them with your wider social network, you’re helping to shape your brand’s personality and develop relationships with existing and potential customers.

I have written many short and long form blogs (often with additional SEO-specific content) for a wide variety of websites, from food and travel to small business advice, finance, technology, health and fitness. While I’m often credited as a regular contributor or guest blogger, many of my blog articles are ghostwritten under the company or a staffers’ name. So if you’re interested in a sample blog on a particular topic you don’t see here, feel free to get in touch and I’ll trawl through the archives!

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